Hyland Adventures
Tracked and Wheeled Land Rover Adventures in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada
About Us

The Hylands have many years of outdoors and expedition experience from around the globe. In the 1990's Ray managed operational logistics for North America's largest sport-fishing company, transporting hundreds of people and tons of cargo into remote locations along the BC coast and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Later he worked with one of the main military helicopter equipment suppliers, performing technical field mission support and airborne equipment operation in remote areas of Canada, including high-alpine work and in the Arctic Circle.

In the mid 1990's Ray moved to Singapore, where he and Marianne organized expeditions through Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo. As a member of the Scientific Exploration Society Ray co-led a recce expedition across East Timor. He led a 3-vehicle team through the infamous Malaysia Rainforest Challenge, and he organized and led the first international aid mission into Southern Thailand after the 2004 Tsunami.

Currently Ray works as a volunteer Firefighter and has also completed the AST1 Avalanche program developed by the Canadian Avalanche Centre.

Passionate about sharing their love of exploration, Ray and Marianne founded Hyland Adventures, based in Sunshine Valley, British Columbia, Canada in 2009.

Hyland Adventures' mission is to teach anyone to be an explorer. We are especially glad when we get a chance to introduce families to outdoor exploration.

Of course, sometimes people just need to get into the back country to get a job done. In that case we can help too. We can take more gear or people than a medium helicopter, and at a fraction of the cost.


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